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Unpaid internship at the Weinstein company auctioned off for $50,000

Unpaid internship auctioned off for $50,000

Unpaid internships are now charging you, to the tune of $50,000.

This morning, Charitybuzz auctioned off a three-month unpaid internship at the Weinstein Company, a major production and distribution film studio responsible for blockbusters like Silver Linings Playbook and Django Unchained. Bidding started at $25,000, but the company estimates the worth of the internship to be $50,000.

The auction description noted: "This is a very rare opportunity for your college student!" But it seems like they're addressing a very specific (read: wealthy) type of college student — one who's more familiar with the taste of caviar than 59-cent ramen noodles.

Last year's putatively game-changing Black Swan lawsuit ruled that unpaid interns on that film's set should have received at least minimum wage, but it's clear that no games have changed. While the Weinstein internship would certainly add sparkle to any resume, the auction — which raises money for the American Repertory Theater — clearly favors privilege over hard work.