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Google pre-emptively awards Mike Trout MVP honors

Mike Trout is having another otherworldly season and is, without question, the leading candidate to win this year's AL MVP award. He leads the league in WAR by a healthy margin, and also has all the traditional stats — 27 homers, 81 runs, 85 RBI, .294 batting average — to back up his case. The fact that his Angels are likely playoff-bound is a nice bonus.

Trout's case is so ironclad that, as For The Win noticed, Google already lists him as the 2014 AL MVP.

To be sure, we independently queried Google and were also informed Trout is the 2014 MVP.

Though the search results are sourced to Wikipedia, the site does not list any rogue edits awarding Trout MVP honors. So what's the deal? Is a Google coder having a little fun with the stilted baseball press who've snubbed Trout twice before, or has the tech company peered into the future?