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Maserati's unusual paint job lands driver in hot water

He says he was only trying to help the police by painting his Maserati in a black-and-white scheme, but cops say he was actually illegally impersonating an officer.

An unidentified Braintree, Massachusetts, driver was pulled over this weekend after an officer noticed that his 2010 Maserati was "made to look like a police cruiser," Braintree Deputy Police Chief Wayne Foster told The Patriot Ledger. The body was painted black and white with a shield on the doors and K-9 and 911 decals, but there was a reason for the similarities to a cop car: The driver said he was assisting the authorities "because other drivers noticed him and slowed down, thinking it was a police vehicle."

In this case, it's not the thought that counts, and the driver was charged with impersonating a police officer. A court date has yet to be set.