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North Carolina woman finds butter-printed swastika on McDonald's sandwich

A customer at a McDonald's drive-through in Morehead City, North Carolina, had a horrible surprise in her sandwich. The bun was imprinted, in butter, with what was unmistakably a swastika.

Charleigh Matice opened the sandwich to add condiments when she saw the buttery symbol. Matice demanded an apology and a refund from the McDonald's location, and she gave a photo of the swastika to local news outlet WCTI.

The McDonald's franchise owner, Dulcy Purcell, confirmed to WCTI that the swastika sandwich photo was not a hoax and that the employee responsible had been fired. "We do not tolerate that kind of behavior at McDonald's, and it's not what we stand for personally as owners," Purcell said in a statement.

Matice, for her part, seems to be satisfied with the apology: She told WCTI that she's "not upset with McDonald's anymore" and plans to continue eating there.