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Fox News contributor: Michelle Obama 'needs to drop a few' pounds

Michelle Obama is not a reliable proponent of healthy eating because she herself is kinda fat, according to a Fox News contributor.

The crew of Fox's Outnumbered on Tuesday tackled the first lady's continued push for schools to serve up healthy foods to their students. And though the general consensus was that the FLOTUS' efforts were at best misguided or at worst indicative of government run amok, panelist Keith Ablow — a member of Fox's "Medical A-Team" — went further in arguing that Obama should butt out of the conversation because she's a bit overweight.

"How well can she be eating?" he asked. "She's — she needs to drop a few."

"Let's be honest: Like there's no french fries happening?" he went on. "That's all kale and carrots? I don't buy it." --Jon Terbush