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Woman steals cell mate's debit card number, bails herself out of jail

One woman in Naples, Florida, wasn't exactly scared straight by a stay in the local jail.

As the Naples Daily News reports, 25-year old Crystal Stephens admitted to detectives that she stole a piece of paper from her cell mate, on which the cell mate had written down her own debit card information. Stephens then used the card to pay for a bail bond. She didn't stop there, though — Stephens also used the money to purchase items at the jail commissary, and bought a plane ticket for a friend, for a total of $1,733 in charges.

After her release from jail, the cell mate discovered these charges, and quickly suspected that Stephens had been the culprit. She then called Liberty Bail Bonds to confirm.

Meanwhile, Stephens herself was already back in jail on charges of shoplifting. Stephens has been charged with grand theft, fraud, and illegal use of credit cards; she now faces a maximum sentence of 15 years in state prison for fraud, and five years on each of the other charges.