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That'll do, pig

Let's watch Kama the surfing pig catch a wave

Let's watch Kama the surfing pig catch a wave

We've all seen the gnarly photos of courageous pups hanging ten (and if you haven't, you can take a look here).

But the latest four-legged surfing sensation is Kama, a pig living on Oahu, Hawaii. Kai Holt and his family discovered the baby pig when it stumbled into their campsite as an orphan. They took the little guy home, but a few months later, Kama fell into the Holts' swimming pool. Instead of sinking and requiring rescue, the oinker immediately began paddling. Inspired, Kai Holt brought Kama along to Baby Makapu'u beach the next time he went surfing. Turns out, Kama was a natural.

"Everyone was tripping (when Kama caught a wave)," Holt says in the video, courtesy of GoPro, below.

Kama's only requirement for a good day out on the water? Big surf. When the waves are too small, "he gets bored," Holt says.

Watch Kama do his thing in the video below. --Sarah Eberspacher