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The Fault in Our Stars is headed to Bollywood

The Fault in Our Stars will soon get the Bollywood treatment.

The movie, starring Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort, shares the love story of two teenagers dealing with the repercussions of cancer, and is still in theaters in India. Mumbai-based Fox Stars Studio says The Fault in Our Stars has earned $1 million in the country.

"We think the story will have an emotional connect with Indian audiences," Fox Stars Studios CEO Vijay Singh told The Hollywood Reporter. "The original English version was released here a couple of weeks ago and is still running."

There's still quite a bit to do for the project; there isn't a director yet, the production date needs to be set, and casting still has to take place. Fox Stars Studio has made several Bollywood movies based on films from other countries; in May, it released City Lights, a remake of British Oscar entry Metro Manila, and in October, Bang Bang! based on the Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz film Knight And Day, will open.