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Chump change

Insurance company pays $21,000 of settlement in massive buckets of change

Fifteen minutes could save you 15 percent or more on insurance — but a lawsuit could earn you buckets of cash. As in literal buckets of cash, all of it change.

That's what a 73-year-old California man, Andres Carrasco, found out recently when an insurance company paid him a portion of a settlement in the form of five-gallon buckets of coins, according to NBC. Carrasco filed suit in 2012 against Adriana's Insurance Service, alleging that one of the company's employees assaulted him. But after reaching a settlement in June, the insurance company opted to pay out the sum in the form of one check and several buckets stuffed with $21,000 in change.

Adriana's reportedly left the coins in Carrasco's attorney's office, but the septuagenarian could not lift them because of a recent hernia operation.