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Eat and run

Watch Rand Paul ditch his meal to flee from immigration activists

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) didn't even have time to finish his burger as he beat a hasty retreat from immigration activists who ambushed him during a visit to Iowa.

The freshman lawmaker was out to eat with Iowa Rep. Steve King (R) — an ardent immigration reform foe who's made some questionable comments about alleged drug smugglers and cantaloupes — when DREAMer activists confronted the two. (DREAMers, the children of parents who came illegally to America, have been ambushing lawmakers with pointed immigration questions over the past year.) Rather than stick around and engage in a debate, Paul swiftly took off for the nearest exit, mid-chew.

Meanwhile, King debated for a few minutes, asked one of the activists if she was a drug smuggler, and told her she was "very good at English."