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Vladimir Poopin?

No, a bird didn't poop on Vladimir Putin

No, a bird didn't poop on Vladimir Putin

A rogue bird let loose on Vladimir Putin over the weekend as the Russian president delivered a speech opening a World War I monument, according to multiple tittering reports. If that tale of feathered vigilante justice sounds farfetched though, that's because it is: The video purporting to show the airborne assault appears to be a sneaky editing job.

Here's the clip that got Reddit's attention:

Yet as another Redditor points out, other footage from the event shows Putin sans poop. (The snippet from the previous video comes around the ninth minute below.)

Pictures from before and after the speech similarly show no tell-tale white stain, according to The Independent.

So sorry, President Obama, but the birthday present that was too good to be true was, in fact, too good to be true. At least we'll always have the (admittedly phony) memories. --Jon Terbush