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English town honors David Sedaris by naming a garbage truck after him

Comedian and best-selling author David Sedaris moved from the United States to England's Horsham district three years ago, and he has now made a name for himself across the pond, too: David "Pig Pen" Sedaris.

The Horsham District Council noticed its new resident's zeal for keeping the area trash-free, as he walked several miles each day picking up litter. So, they decided to thank him for his hard work by naming a local garbage truck "Pig Pen Sedaris" and emblazoning the side with a bright pink pig (check out the delightful photo via the West Sussex County Times, which reported on the honor).

Here's the interesting part: Nowhere in the article is Sedaris' relative fame mentioned. Either the paper did not want to take away from his true calling as "South Downs litter picker," or the writers failed to notice they were honoring one of their own. Either way, it didn't seem to bother Sedaris too much.

"I'm angry at the people who throw these things out their car windows, but I'm just as angry at the people who walk by it every day," Sedaris told the paper. "I say pick it up yourself. Do it enough and you might one day get a garbage truck named after you. It's an amazing feeling."