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Philadelphia restaurant debuts donut cheesesteak burger

If you thought burger gimmicks were over and you could finally go back to eating a slab of meat on a sesame bun in peace, well, think again.

Philadelphia restaurant PYT just rolled out a "donut cheesesteak burger," which looks as artery-clogging as its name suggests.

"We already have a donut burger on our menu," PYT owner Tommy Up told NBC Philadelphia. "We were looking for some flavors to balance out the sweetness of the burger, and we decided to do it cheesesteak style. It's a perfect balance of your essential flavors."

The burger includes one donut, split and cooked on the grill, which surrounds a beef patty topped with cheddar cheese, cheesesteak, Cheez Whiz. "Somehow, it works together really well," Up told NBC Philadelphia. Er, okay. --Meghan DeMaria

(Facebook.com/PYT Burger)