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Geraldo Rivera: Women bring 'youth' to their marriages 'more than anything else'

In a segment on Fox News' Outnumbered on Monday, Geraldo Rivera discussed "beta marriages," in which a couple can spend two non-commital years together and then decide whether they want to make their marriage official.

In the segment, Rivera, who is currently in his fifth marriage, says that because he has three daughters, he doesn't support the trial marriage concept. From there, things take a weird turn as Rivera prepares his next remark, saying it may "provoke a Stephen Smith-like reaction."

Rivera goes on to say that "generally speaking, the man is the bread-winner" in two-income marriages. And what does Rivera think women bring to the table? "What a woman brings to a marriage, more than anything else, to a relationship, is her youth." He goes on to describe youthfulness as a "fragile and diminishing resource," saying that if a woman entered a beta marriage and was "rejected by the man," she is sacrificing a "valuable asset that is unequal."

Watch the full clip — and female host Jedediah Bila's horrified reaction to Rivera's statements — below. --Meghan DeMaria

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