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Watch 'Spider-Man' punch a cop in the face in Times Square

Spider-Man's vigilante streak took a dark turn Saturday when he punched a police officer in the face while resisting arrest. Or at least, a panhandler dressed as Spider-Man did so in Times Square, according to police and footage of the altercation posted to YouTube.

New York police have cracked down of late on costumed performers who charge tourists fees to snap keepsake photos with them on the city's streets. In the latest incident, the man dressed as Spider-Man, Junior Bishop, refused to accept a $1 payment and demanded more money, according to police. When Bishop then declined to produce identification to an officer who tried to mediate the situation, police moved in and arrested him. But since Bishop did not have an ID, the arresting officers had no choice but to refer to him in a police report as the comic book web-slinger.

"As the officer goes to place Spider-Man under arrest, Spider-Man breaks free from the officer and punches him in the face," the police report reads.