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good intentions gone bad

Parents completely freak out when stranger leaves creepy dolls that look like their kids

Let this be a lesson: If you're going to anonymously leave presents at the homes of strangers, try not to pick something that creeps them out so badly they feel forced to report your gift to the police.

On Tuesday, eight families in San Clemente, California, found porcelain dolls waiting for them on their doorsteps. All of the families lived in the same neighborhood, and some of the girls were the same age and attended the same elementary school. The Orange County Sheriff's Department said that the parents "voiced concern that the dolls resembled their daughters," and were scared because they had no clue who had dropped them off. Since no notes were attached, it was "creepy or very unusual," Lt. Jeff Hallock told KTLA5.

Before Chucky was able to make an appearance, investigators tracked down the gift giver, and the Sheriff's Department tweeted on Thursday that it was all a gesture of "goodwill." The person's name wasn't released, since it was probably some sweet old lady who was cleaning out her attic when she saw dolls that looked just like Makynzee and Aynslee across the street, and she knew they would appreciate the thoughtful — and not at all disturbing — present. Next time, try taking them to the Goodwill.