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Watch Alex Rodriguez get punched in the face for picking a dumb fight with the Red Sox

Remember when Alex Rodriguez got punched in the face for being Alex Rodriguez?

Today marks the 10-year anniversary of the infamous Red Sox-Yankees brawl that began with a routine plunking and ended with this iconic image of A-Rod getting a face full of mitt:

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Rodriguez was then in his first year in pinstripes, and his Yankees had an 8.5-game cushion over Boston in the AL East. With a 3-0 lead in the third inning of a game at Fenway, Rodriguez took a pitch to the elbow from Bronson Arroyo and pouted his way toward first, jawing as he went. Sox catcher Jason Varitek stepped in and, after a little "come at me, bro" gesture from A-Rod, all hell broke loose.

Boston went on to win the game on a walk-off homer, and then, after staging a historic comeback over the Yankees in the ALCS, they went on to win the World Series, too. Red Sox fans still fondly remember the brouhaha as a turning point in the team's season.

The above image remains a fitting metaphor for how Boston fans feel about A-Rod. And given how Rodriguez has gone nuclear on just about everyone in the Yankees organization, the image probably fits the bill for New York fans, too.