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Mick Jagger says he 'copied all his moves' from James Brown

In a new interview with Time, Mick Jagger opens up about his successful rock career and his musical influences. One of Jagger's biggest inspirations, he told the magazine, was James Brown.

Jagger met Brown at one of Brown's performances early in his career and is now a producer of the upcoming James Brown biopic Get on Up. He says the funk icon heavily influenced his work, particularly his dance moves:

I copied all his moves... Everyone did the microphone trick, where you pushed the microphone, then you put your foot on it and it comes back, and then you catch it. James probably did it best... it's a kind of attitude, too, not just a body move. It's a kind of an attitude that he had on stage. You copy it... It's about presence on stage in relationship to the audience. [Time]

Jagger goes on to discuss the film and Brown's influence on numerous musical genres. Read the rest of the interview over at Time.