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Seriously, let it go

See how many '80s sitcoms you can name in this mashup cover of Frozen's 'Let It Go'

There have been a lot of cover versions of "Let It Go," the most memorable song in Disney's Frozen, perhaps the most successful animated film of all time. And there have even been a few video mashups of Frozen and other hit movies and TV shows. So perhaps something like producer Jim Cliff's rendition of "Let It Go," using only quotes from decades-old sitcoms, was inevitable. It was certainly a lot of work.

Now, the editing in this musical video collage isn't flawless, and some of the clips are from the 1990s, not the '80s, but it's an impressive triumph of archival perseverance in its own right. The chorus is the strongest part, and the most fun: Who knew 1980s TV shows used the phrase "let it go" so often? --Peter Weber