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Fleeing motorist tries to hide from cops in an in-session police academy

In the end, police in Biloxi, Mississippi, didn't have all that hard a time apprehending Roger Beasley Jr. Last week, a police officer recognized Beasley driving a vehicle and knew he didn't have a license, reports the Biloxi Sun Herald, but when the cops tried to pull the 30-year-old over, he allegedly fled the scene. Beasley was so intent on escaping, Biloxi Police Chief John Miller tells the Sun Herald, he ditched his car and ran into a nearby building.

That building was the Harrison County Law Enforcement Training Academy, and the police academy was in session. Police aren't sure why Beasley didn't notice the sign outside or all the marked police cars parked out front, but after he figuratively ran into their arms, the cops arrested Beasley on crack possession and intent-to-distribute charges, plus resisting arrest, driving without a license, careless driving, improper lane changes, and resisting arrest. He is out on $51,670 worth of bonds.