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Johns Hopkins will pay $190 million after women were secretly recorded by a gynecologist

Johns Hopkins is in for a $190 million settlement, after a gynecologist at the hospital secretly photographed and filmed his female patients.

The Associated Press reports that Dr. Nikita Levy wore a "pen-like camera" around his neck to record women's bodies in his examining room. Dr. Levy committed suicide during his investigation a year and a half ago.

The settlement encompasses more than 8,000 patients — the photos and videos don't include faces, so investigators don't know which of Dr. Levy's patients were recorded. Authorities say Dr. Levy took approximately 1,200 videos and 140 photographs. Court papers also state that Dr. Levy "engaged in doctor-patient boundary violations during the course of his patients' treatment," including "an excessive number of unnecessary pelvic exams and engaging in inappropriate physical contact," reports The Baltimore Sun.