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University lecturer in Thailand gives A's in exchange for 7-Eleven coupons

A university lecturer in Thailand is in hot water after a video of her admitting to exchanging top grades for 7-Eleven coupons went viral.

One of the teacher's students at Kalasin Rajabhat University in northeast Thailand recorded her admitting to the scandal after several students complained of the unfair practice, Time reports.

"Khanittha got 17 points in psychology class. She gave me stamps," the teacher, whose name has been withheld by the university, said in the video. "Then, I gave her A+. Do you think you got that grade by your own brain?"

The teacher also encouraged students to use the 7-Eleven stamps as bribes in the video. "You complained that you lost a lot of money to earn stamps. Did I force you to give me those stamps? I just offered you a suggestion," she said in the clip.

The Council of Rajabhat University Presidents of Thailand is currently investigating the situation. "Teachers should never exploit their students for any purpose," CRUPT president Niwat Klin-Ngam told The Bangkok Post.

Kalasin Rajabhat University has suspended the lecturer, who worked in the preschool education department. But Kalasin Rajabhat University rector Nopporn Kosirayothin seemed surprisingly unconcerned with the scandal.

"She might have thought it was ordinary practice," Kosirayothin told The Bangkok Post. "Judging from what I heard, some lecturers at other places also exchange grades for some beer."