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Weird Al's 'Blurred Lines' parody will school you in grammar

Call it the most educational song of the summer. Weird Al's parody of Robin Thicke's 2013 smash hit "Blurred Lines" thankfully does not feature scantily clad models or questionable come-ons. Instead, "Word Crimes" is an entertaining romp through some of the most popular and egregious grammatical errors in the English language. "Ok now here's the deal / I'll try to educate ya / Gonna familiarize you with the nomenclature," Al sings before launching into an array of important facts, including how to correctly use the word "literally" and the difference between "who" and "whom."

Much has been said about Weird Al's place in comedy in the age of YouTube parodies, but this song once again proves his good-natured silliness will always slot him a place in popular culture. His album, Mandatory Fun, is out now, and you can watch his Pharrell-parodying video for "Tacky" here. --Samantha Rollins