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Kristen Bell 'would be down' for a Veronica Mars sequel

The Veronica Mars movie seemed like the last we'd be hearing about the teen detective, but Kristen Bell's new interview with People suggests the character's story may not be over just yet.

"I would be down for anything," Bell, 33, told People. "I'm that kind of girl. You can quote me on that."

Creator Rob Thomas has hinted at a potential Veronica Mars sequel in the past, saying that "early signs are encouraging," but nothing has been made official.

Veronica Mars' next installment may not be another studio movie or even a VOD film, though: Bell says she wants to hear from fans — who set a Kickstarter record by giving $5.7 million for the movie's production — about what format they'd like to see in a sequel, tossing out Netflix shows, network TV, a web series, or another film as possibilities.

"I would like to know what the fans want, because especially after the Kickstarter campaign, they are such an integral part of this project," Bell told People. "They're the element we couldn't do without."

Bell also told People what she thought of her character's love triangle throughout Veronica Mars' run:

I used to be Team Piz, because over the series he treated her better. I was there every episode. I saw that crazy s--t Logan pulled. After the movie, I'm back on Team Logan again — and I would like to see them team up and fight crime together. [People]

Read the rest of the interview, in which Bell also discusses her excitement for the Frozen characters' appearance on Once Upon a Time, over at People.