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Rick Perry to Rand Paul: No, Reagan would have agreed with me

Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) says Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) "seems curiously blind" to the threat posed by ISIS militants — and what's more, he claims Reagan would agree.

Writing in The Washington Post, Perry says Paul was wrong to suggest former President Reagan would have supported his isolationist tendencies. Rather, Reagan "believed that our security and economic prosperity require persistent engagement and leadership abroad."

"Reagan led proudly from the front, not from behind, and when he drew a ' red line,' the world knew exactly what that meant," he writes. "Paul is drawing his own red line along the water's edge, creating a giant moat where superpowers can retire from the world."

Still, Perry adds there are no good options in Iraq, but that the U.S. should nonetheless ramp up its military and intelligence operations to counter ISIS.