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What's the deal with emojis?

Seinfeld emojis are on the way for when you want to text about nothing

It's a Festivus Miracle!

A couple of Seinfeld enthusiasts have submitted a free app to the Apple store that turns iconic characters and jokes from the show into emojis. (Emojis, for the uninitiated, are those little images everyone is so dang obsessed with nowadays.) Jason Richards, who runs the popular Seinfeld Current Day Twitter account, came up with the idea for the Seinfeld additions, and he recruited a designer and developer to bring the joke all the way to the Apple store.

If approved, the app would let users send puffy shirts, junior mints, and vacuous-eyed Kramers — Kragnor, in the world of Seinfeld Current Day — to each other. No word on whether the emoijs shrink after spending time in a pool.