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Decision II: The Deciding

Is LeBron James headed to the Cleveland Cavaliers?

The Decision 2.0 is fully underway.

Late Sunday night brought the fevered rumor that LeBron James could be headed back to his old stomping ground in Cleveland.

Free agency is a whirlwind of speculation and nonsense. Add the best player on the planet to the mix, factor in the spectacle of said player's last foray in free agency, and you get this madness. But the LeBron-Cavs rumor may have more than a kernel of truth to it.

Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert — or at least his private jet — flew down to Florida over the weekend. James' agent is reportedly prodding the Cavs to clear enough cap space to sign the superstar, according to Yahoo's incomparably sourced Adrian Wojnarowski. And as Deadspin noted, the Cavaliers' website finally took down the embarrassing comic sans letter Gilbert fired off when James skipped town in 2010.

Coincidence!? Possibly. But the Cavs are at least in the running to nab James. Then again, so, too, is pretty much everyone else.