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Selfies are disrupting the Tour de France

Selfies at the Tour de France, which started Saturday, aren't just annoying — they're causing major distractions and even injuries for the event's actual participants.

"The worst thing is when people have got their back to the peloton taking selfies," Team Sky rider Geraint Thomas told The Guardian. "They don't see us coming...I think people need to realize we take up the whole road."

American rider Tejay van Garderen tweeted that he suffered an injury during the race thanks to selfie-takers in the middle of the road, calling the selfies "a dangerous mix of vanity and stupidity." The guilty photographers weren't just teens, either — many of the selfies were of full-grown adults.

For those who still can't resist the Tour de France selfie, Thomas has some advice: "If you want to go and do that, go and sit in a tree." --Meghan DeMaria