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(not) going to the chapel

With a pop-up wedding, couples can (basically) get married anywhere

If the idea of getting kicked out of your own wedding sounds good to you, give PopWed a call.

The Washington, D.C., based company specializes in pop-up weddings, which involve bare-bones planning and locations that are not booked. The focus is on the couple getting married, not a huge party, and it's popular with people who "still want to commemorate the day in a really special way, but dial it back," co-owner Maggie Winters told NPR.

Winters tackles the photography, and her boyfriend, Steven Gaudaen, performs the ceremony as a secular humanist wedding officiant. They speak with couples before the not-so-big day, asking how they met and what their interests are in order to determine the right spot for the wedding. As natives, Winters and Gaudaen both know D.C. inside and out, and they pride themselves on selecting fun locations, including a church converted into an art gallery, the American Art Museum, and the National Museum of Natural History, where one time the ceremony just wasn't fast enough.

"They did kick us out two-thirds of the way through," Winters said. "So as we were walking out, Steven pronounced them legally married so we could put the Natural History Museum on their wedding certificate." --Catherine Garcia