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World Cup Warfare

America has always been at war with Belgium

In a week when the U.S.'s ideological divisions were on open display, it's nice to know that everyone can still come together in the face of a common enemy. I am speaking, of course, of the reviled Belgians, who will face off against Team USA later today in their Group of 16 match in the World Cup. The chattering classes on Twitter were more than willing to vent their deep-seated anti-Belgian biases, including Philip Klein of The Washington Examiner:

But conservatives were hardly alone. Here is Vox's Zack Beauchamp (who has also contributed to The Week):

Corporations also got in on the act, most prominently Waffle House, which obviously had some explaining to do:

Indeed, there was a lot of anti-waffle commentary:

Which led some to wonder where all this was going:

But fear not! The Daily Show's Dan Amira has all the data you need to hate Belgium properly: