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Georgia's 'guns everywhere' bill goes into effect

Beginning Tuesday, Georgia residents can bring their firearms with them when they pray, pound some beers, check out books, and even when they drop the kids off at school.

Signed back in April, the state's controversial new gun law — critics derided it as a "guns everywhere bill" — goes into effect today. Officially called the Safe Carry Protection Act, the law allows licensed gun owners to bring their weapons into a slew of new public places, including some lower-security government buildings. Bars, which could previously opt in to allow guns on their premises, must now opt out if they want to remain gun-free. Churches and schools, on the other hand, can now opt in to permit guns.

Gun owners who accidentally bring their guns to the airport will also no longer face criminal penalties for doing so, though they'll still be barred from bringing their weapons with them when they board.