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Mountain lion roams through Utah shopping center, camps outside steakhouse

This could make a great ad for the Ruby River Steakhouse chain.

On Friday, a female mountain lion wandered into a shopping center in Sandy, Utah — much to the curiosity and concern of onlookers, the local CBS affiliate reports. The big cat was seen bedding down right outside the entrance to the Ruby River Steakhouse, a place that probably smelled pretty good to her.

When the animal got up and seemed to begin charging, police fired a shot at her, but missed. She then ran off, taking shelter in some bushes near the local commuter rail line.

Finally, officers from the Department of Wildlife Resources were able to peacefully tranquilize the mountain lion. She was later estimated to be about two years old, and weighing 100 pounds. They plan to release her back into the wild. Watch the lion's adventure in the video, below. --Eric Kleefeld