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This man saw Steve Irwin die. Eight years later, he reflects on the Croc Hunter's legacy

Steve Irwin, in case you hadn't heard of him, was a loveable and goofy TV host and conservationist, who was fatally stung by a stingray in 2006. Back then, Dr. Jamie Seymour of James Cook University in Australia was there helping Irwin as a consultant for his final project.

Destin from SmarterEveryDay interviewed Dr. Seymour about the incident, and how he dealt with it. Interestingly, Seymour originally thought Irwin was a "dead-set idiot," but when they got to know each other, Seymour realized Irwin wasn't quite as dumb as he came off on TV. "What do people remember about Steve Irwin?" he said. "Crocs rule, save the crocs, and conservation... he was prepared to make a fool of himself to help conservation."

"20 years ago, people killed crocs," he added. "Nowadays? Crocs rule." Watch the video below. --Ryan Cooper