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'Osama Bin Bieber' fights beside ISIS

'Osama Bin Bieber' fights beside ISIS

British teen Mohammad Hadi, 18, has earned himself the nickname "Osama Bin Bieber" for his participation in extremist activities and his close resemblance to the infamous pop star.

Al Arabiya reports that Hadi is believed to have joined the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), an increasingly powerful Islamic militant group. The news channel also reports that Hadi has posted Instagram photos of himself holding guns and tweeting that he is in Syria with "Dawla," a slang term for the terrorist organization.

Hadi's parents reported him missing in March, and his father is heartbroken to learn of his son's jihadist plans. Various Twitter users have reported that Hadi is currently residing near the Syrian town of Sarrin with a group of Chechens. A photo of the Bieber lookalike teen is below. --Meghan DeMaria