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Summertime and the living is scary

You're 10.5 percent less likely to be robbed in winter than in summer

Ah, summer, the season of sunshine, lemonade, and having your house ransacked by robbers. Many types of crime spike in the summer months, according to a report from the Department of Justice. Notably, burglaries are 10.5 percent more common in summer than in winter, while property crime as a whole (6.9 percent difference) sees a similar spike from June through August.

So what gives? Why are our homes less safe in the summer?

There are a couple of theories. First, as a study from the University of North Carolina put it, "hot temperatures increase the frustration of individuals, leading to aggressive behavior." Think the plot of Do the Right Thing — heat makes people get weird, and sometimes violent. Second, people tend to go on vacation or take day-long jaunts to beaches, barbecues, and ball games in the summer, leaving their homes empty and vulnerable.