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This one goes out to a man named Casey

Letterman celebrates Casey Kasem by replaying his 1993 Top Ten cameo

Casey Kasem, the Top 40 countdown legend and surprisingly prolific cartoon voice actor, died on Sunday, and his many fans are finding different ways to pay homage to the man who entertained, moved, and educated us (he voiced Sesame Street animation, but also consistently served up interesting trivia with on his long-running American Top 40 show). David Letterman paid his respects by posting this 1993 clip of Kasem stepping in to assist with the Top Ten countdown.

It's a goofy countdown, and would have fallen flat in different hands. But this is how I want to remember Kasem: Funny, self-deprecating, and charming, counting down the hits — no matter how silly — with a straight face and his heart on his sleeve. --Peter Weber