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Iranian President Rouhani: 'No option but to confront terrorism' in Iraq

As Sunni militants continue to seize cities across northern Iraq, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said today that his country is prepared to help if the Iraqi government calls for assistance.

Saying that Iran has "no option but to confront terrorism," Rouhani suggested that the militants are being backed by Iraqi politicians who lost parliamentary elections back in April.

"Those defeated (in elections) have resorted to bullets," Rouhani said. "This is a great blunder. We will study if there is a demand for help from Iraq. Until today, no specific request for help has been demanded. But we are ready to help within international law."

The jihadist Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant seized Mosul, Iraq's second city and toppled leader Saddam Hussein's hometown, earlier this week, reports The Associated Press. The militants have since threatened to continue their campaign toward Baghdad.