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Michael Keaton revisits his Batman days in the Birdman trailer

If you're making a movie about an actor struggling to overcome the superhero movie that defined his career, you can't do much better than Michael Keaton, who helped to define the modern superhero blockbuster by starring in both Batman and Batman Returns. Birdman, the next film by Babel director Alejandro González Iñárritu, casts Keaton as Riggin "Birdman" Thomson, a onetime action star who wants to redefine himself as a serious actor by mounting a Broadway play.

From the looks of this terrific first trailer, the process is less than smooth. "How did we end up here, in this dump? You were a movie star, remember?" says Keaton. "You're Birdman. Let's go back one more time and show them what we're capable of."

It's a fascinating concept — but this is more than just a one-man character study. Birdman also boasts a top-notch supporting cast: Edward Norton, Emma Stone, Naomi Watts, and Zach Galifiankis. There's a lot of promise here, and it's going to be a long wait before Birdman hits theaters in October. --Scott Meslow