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Never miss a call with this fancy new piece of jewelry

Is that ring coming from your bling? A new piece of jewelry has been designed that will alert its wearer when a phone call or text message comes through on their smartphone.

The designers at Ringly created a matte gold ring with an opaque stone that vibrates and lights up in various colors, depending on if someone is receiving a text message, phone call, email, or social media message. The target audience is women age 25 to 35 who are "well-connected, living in urban environments, working, and very social," co-founder Christina Mercando told NBC News. They must also be willing to shell out $145 to $180 for a ring.

There is hope that this new invention could help force people to pay attention to their surroundings instead of check their phone 15 million times an hour. "The trend is that we are bound to our mobile phones and that it's increasing and increasing," says Karen Kornblum Bernsten, professor of design at Carnegie Mellon University. "It's a whole little evolution to liberate ourselves from having to use our hands."