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Taco Bell is adding a 'quesarito' to its menu

Taco Bell is adding a 'quesarito' to its menu

FiveThirtyEight might have to reconsider its best burrito rankings. Taco Bell is rolling out a 'quesarito' — that elusive quesadilla-burrito hybrid — on Monday. Taco Bell's version, which costs between $1.99 and 2.99, offers customers a choice of beef, shredded chicken, or steak, and that protein choice gets rolled up inside a cheesy quesadilla along with some rice, chipotle sauce, and sour cream.

Taco Bell's decision to debut the quesarito came after the item became overwhelmingly popular during testing at an Oklahoma City location in February. The company hopes the item will garner the same kind of attention nationwide.

"We're constantly hearing stories about two great things coming together to create something extraordinary and that takes on a life of its own," the company said in a statement. My mouth is already watering just looking at this glamour shot. --Jordan Valinsky