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Post-presidency planning

Obama may retire to New York City for the 'anonymity'

Afton Almaraz/Getty Images

With President Obama's second term ticking down, it's become a fun guessing game to predict what he'll do — and where he'll go — upon leaving the White House. While his old stomping ground of Chicago seems like the obvious choice for relocation post-1600 Pennsylvania Ave., a Monday feature from Politico suggests Obama may instead skip on over to the Big Apple.

The president, who graduated from Columbia University, loves the city and the anonymity it can provide. It may be wishful thinking, but he and his wife crave a return to a life in which they can stroll into a CVS or down the street without fanfare. [Politico]

There's some merit to that line of thinking. In a city already saturated with such shocking characters as anti-Semitic Elmo, the naked Cowboy, and scofflaw Alec Baldwin, who would notice a former president ambling into the local bodega to grab a Diet Coke?