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Boston Airport: Don't worry about that plane engulfed in flames, it's just a drill


Passengers at Logan International Airport in Boston were slightly alarmed this morning when they saw a plane near the tarmac engulfed in flames. Pictures of the scary scene, including one by Travel Channel host Andrew Zimmern, quickly circulated on social media, leading some to believe something serious was happening.

Turns out, it was just a fire training drill.

"The fire is not on the tarmac, it's on the airfield," a Massport spokesperson told Boston.com. "This is something we do 3 to 4 times a week for training. It's really not such a big deal."

This is actually not the first time Massport has unnecessarily caused alarm among air travelers. On September 11 of last year, it conducted a training exercise that involved pumping smoke around the airport — without making an announcement beforehand. -- Jordan Valinsky