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Mysterious millionaire is leaving envelopes filled with cash all over San Francisco


An anonymous millionaire is sharing his wealth with the people of San Francisco.

On Thursday, the mystery donor created a Twitter account, HiddenCash. He tweets out clues on where he has hidden envelopes stuffed with $100, asking only that the lucky people who find the loot tweet a photo showing off their prize. So far, People says, $5,000 has been collected.

The donor wants to keep his identity a secret, but told People that he is between 35 and 45 years old, and builds homes. While he appreciates people who donate to charities, he wanted to give out money "in a more spontaneous way." He said he loved seeing what people wind up doing with the $100, from buying lunch for co-workers to splitting the funds with bystanders.

Los Angeles is the next city on this secret benefactor's list, but he hopes other people will participate in their own necks of the woods. "I want this to expand to other cities," he said. "I want this to become a movement."