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The Search Continues

Experts: Malaysia Flight 370 ran out of fuel, crashed in southern Indian Ocean

Getty Images/Pool

The same day that Malaysian authorities released raw satellite data from the search for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, Australian air-accident investigators concluded that the doomed jetliner likely ran out of fuel and plunged into a remote section of the southern Indian Ocean.

In a report released overnight, the Australian Transport Safety Bureau said the plane was running out of fuel and probably descending during its final ping transmission, and crashed "within around 25 nautical miles" of its final electronic message, reports The Wall Street Journal. "This is consistent with satellite communication equipment on the aircraft powering up following a power interruption," the agency said in a statement. "The interruption in electrical supply may have been caused by fuel exhaustion."

Not one single piece of debris has been found in the area, despite a massive search effort from several countries closely scouring the ocean's surface and floor for any sign of the Beijing-bound flight, which was carrying 239 people.