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Clean Chit

The Daily Show's Jason Jones makes his hilarious peace with India's democracy

Daily Show

On Thursday night's Daily Show, Jason Jones wrapped up his weeklong series on India's election with a look at its winner, Prime Minister–designate Narendra Modi. In the U.S., the media is mostly worried about Modi's Hindu nationalism and handling of 2002 riots that killed 1,000 people — mostly Muslims — in the state he was governing. Indians, Jones found, have a surprisingly uniform response to that incident: India's supreme court heard the case and gave Modi "a clean chit."

That response prompted a bunch of "chit" jokes, but the acceptance of the court's ruling and Modi's election, even among the Muslims Jones spoke to, made him long for such political peace and maturity in America's older democracy. On advice from a local, Jones decided to find his own peace by going native — to a point. There's a fine ending to an impressive series from The Daily Show. Kudos. --Peter Weber