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This video of a man catching a falling baby might be China's 'Evolution of Dance'

Daily Mail

In 2006, comedian Judson Laipply uploaded a video of his "Evolution of Dance" routine to the then-new video hosting service YouTube, and it became one of the world's first "viral" video hits (263 million views and counting). Since then we've collectively made stars out of "double rainbow" guy, Justin Bieber, piano-playing cats, chattering young twins, Carly Rae "Call Me Maybe" Jepsen and Rebecca "Friday" Black, and that Gangnam Style guy (Psy), along with countless other classics of the genre.

China's been conspicuously absent from the viral video phenomenon. Mr. Li might change that. On Sunday, the resident of the Guangdong Province city Zhongshan saw a 1-year-old baby on the windowsill of an apartment in a thunderstorm and rushed across the street to help. Thanks to surveillance video, his heartwarming catch was preserved for posterity (read: the internet). --Peter Weber