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2 Colorado women injured in vicious moose attack


Two Colorado women are recovering after they were violently attacked by a moose last weekend. Jackqueline Boron and Ellen Marie Divis were hiking with their dogs in a forest northwest of Denver when a moose suddenly charged at them, repeatedly kicking them when they fell to the ground.

"I tried to get up, and he kept coming back and stomping on me," Boron told KDVR-TV. Divis was also attacked, but was able to escape the moose and called for help. Boron, however, sustained some serious injuries: she was left with four broken ribs and 15 stitches on her leg.

The town's police department issued a release warning hikers of the vicious moose. "If you encounter a moose: walk away from it — DO NOT walk towards it; moose are agitated by dogs; make sure your dog is on a leash, control the dog(s) and walk away," the warning said.