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Things that make you go hmmm

Relive the '90s with a new Arsenio Hall-Shannen Doherty interview about 90210


In the early 1990s, Arsenio Hall had a very popular talk show — Bill Clinton famously showed off his saxophone chops on the show during the 1992 campaign, and Hall's "Things that make you go hmmm..." musings spawned a No. 1 pop hit — when Beverly Hills 90210 ruled Wednesday night television. A lot has changed in 20 years, but Hall is back on the air with a new talk show, Clinton is still on TV a lot, and a remake of Beverly Hills 90210, called simply 90210, just ended a five-year run. Tori Spelling has her own reality show. Jason Priestly is making the rounds promoting a new memoir.

So there was a definite feeling of déjà vu on Thursday night's Arsenio, when Hall interviewed Shannen Doherty. He asked her about Spelling and Priestly, alluding to their high-profile fights in the '90s. And it seems like the ghosts of that decade are still around: Doherty mused about a new apparent feud with Priestly and offered some heartfelt advice to Spelling, whose marital and other problems are playing out very publicly on her TV show. Nostalgia never felt so raw. --Peter Weber