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Casey Kasem has been found, somewhere near Seattle

Amanda Edwards/Getty Images

On Monday, America got swept into the family feud between legendary Top 40 radio host Casey Kasem's wife and his children from his first marriage. Kasem — 82 and afflicted with a type of progressive dementia called Lewy body dementia — was declared missing by a Los Angeles judge because wife Jean Kasem had taken him somewhere and refused to tell her children where. The judge appointed daughter Kerri Kasem temporary conservator and ordered a court investigator to track Casey Kasem down.

Found him they have — not out of the country, like Jean Kasem's lawyer said in court, but somewhere in Kitsap County, Washington — across the Puget Sound from Seattle. The Kitsap County Sheriff's office says it "does not believe this is a police issue," and that Jean and Casey Kasem are just enjoying a vacation. Kasem's children disagree, saying in a statement they have "grave concerns about his health and will do everything in their power to bring him back home."