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Ottawa is using drones to get rid of poisonous goose poop

PHIL INGLIS/Getty Images

Drones drop missiles, patrol danger zones, and spy on enemies — and now, they are also being used to combat one of Ottawa's health hazards.

The Canadian capital is using drones to save the city's waterways from poisonous goose poop, according to an article in Modern Farmer. Over the past few years, Ottawa has been seen higher concentrations of E. coli bacteria and other pathogens in its water supply, and city officials are blaming geese.

Ottawa tried several tactics to get rid of the geese, including dogs and pesticides, before working with an aerial-photography company to build the Goosebuster, a $27,000 drone. Equipped with flashing lights and pre-recorded calls from hawks, eagles, and wolves, the Goosebuster is designed to swoop down on geese and scare them away from the beaches and waters.

Here's how it works:

Many residents are upset that the government is driving animals away from their natural habitat and say human pollution is the real problem. Others have suggested that the city is missing out on an opportunity to turn the goose waste into fuel, as nearby cities have done. But with the City Council eagerly expanding the project to more beaches this summer, it looks like the Goosebuster is here to stay.